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I am currently running a Behringer Ultragain Pro-8 Digital (mic preamp) which is going Digital Optical out into a MOTU 828 which is then going firewire out into my computer. As for software, I am cheap, and I feel like an idiot saying this here but I'm running Cool Edit Pro 2.0. . Oh and BTW I'm running Windows 2000, so yes this is a PC. I know I should be using mac, I just dont have the money for a new computer right now, and my PC is very very fast!

Now as far as I have gotten in Cool Edit Im almost certain that it does not support ASIO. Yet I'm able to get a Wave In from the MOTU 828, and record 1 mono left channel, and 1 mono right channel. NONE OF THE OTHER CHANNELS ARE PICKING ANYTHING UP ON THE BEHRINGER!

Now I'm guessing that is just because COOL EDIT doesnt have ASIO support. Heck I dont even think it has WDM support. So can aynone here prove me wrong, or do I have to go and buy CUBASE?


ghellquist Sun, 01/23/2005 - 14:34

Hmm. There are plenty of alternatives to Cubase. Why not try the 2 week trial of Tracktion 1. It supports ASIO. Behaves a bit different (easier) than most other trackers, not bad though. Tracktion 2 is in the works.

Another alternative may be n-track studio.

Plenty other to choose from.

Good luck.


eFe Tue, 01/25/2005 - 05:45

If you're looking for some alternative software, you should test SFoundry Vegas. For me I had to say "You should taste". I've using it for long times and it is very flexible, specially with hardware configuration. Try to get a 3.0 version, that is the one that works better for me. Older version may cause some problems. I have 4.0 too and I use it most of all for mixing because It has some advantages. Give it a try!


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