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hi guys, someone use Audient id44 audio interface? ipinions about pre and a/d - d/a coverter? do you think is a home product or pro-semi professional interface? thanks in advance


Boswell Tue, 07/10/2018 - 09:15

I haven't seen or tried an iD44, as it's a very new product. However, it appears to shares a lot of characteristics with other Audient products, including the excellent pre-amp design. I see also that the first two iD44 input channels have a similar arrangement of inserts to that which first appeared on the ASP880 interface, namely an external balanced signal path (+18dBuFS) directly feeding the ADCs, by-passing the internal pre-amps. The data sheet I have seen for the iD44 does not specify whether it uses the same Burr-Brown ADCs as the ASP880, but if it does, then the audio quality should be at the same level: outstanding for the money.

Whether you class the features of the iD44 as domestic or semi-pro is really up to how you use it. Regarding the Audient ASP880, my opinion (shared by many others who use their equipment in their line of work) is that it is a pro-level product. My guess is that the iD44 would join that class, at least in terms of sound quality.