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Dones anybody have any tips on getting that bass tone like duff mckagan on GNR's apetite, or billy gould on faith no more's "we care alot" ? I KNow getting the right instruments recoded correctly is extremely essential, but does anybody know how to achieve this in the mix and have it sit well?

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RemyRAD Mon, 05/22/2006 - 18:28

I'm not familiar with the songs that you are talking about but recording bass, but I have found is much more important regarding the instrument, strings and pickups more than anything used to record the bass.

Having the proper DI and/or cabinet of courses very important to the amplified sound of the bass but when it comes to record in the bass, I generally just take a direct from either the base with a active DI or straight out of the back of the amplifiers head direct output.

Depending on how the person is playing their instrument, I may add a little limiting and depending on the tonality, a little equalization. Some folks even like sticking a little bit of flanging on the bass.

All I can tell you is, for a better bass sound, learn the directions to Carnegie Hall.

Recording a bass and a half
Ms. Remy Ann David

Davedog Tue, 05/23/2006 - 17:53

Both of those guys are into the active sound. Both play in bands that detuned one, even two whole steps. Both are players.

All of these have a LOT to do with the sound....however....THE MOST anything has to do with bass sounds is the player. ALWAYS.

Theres no substitute. Theres no shortcuts. Theres no magic preamp/DI.Theres no particular bass or bass rig. Theres only the player and his/her hands and what they do to the strings. Change ANY of the particulars I've mentioned and ,yes, there will be some small difference. But the player and how they approach the part will still be evident.

StevenColbert Sun, 06/11/2006 - 04:52

Auxsam wrote: Dones anybody have any tips on getting that bass tone like duff mckagan on GNR's apetite, or billy gould on faith no more's "we care alot" ?

Yes I do. I know these songs like the back of my hand.

1st thing...record with a DI , a mic will work, but DI's are AWESOME for recording bass. DI's make the bass signal sit nicely in the mix. If you can, use 2 tracks, one can be a DI, and the other track can be a mic on the bass cabinet, to get the cabinet sound. One take, two tracks, then just mix them accord.

2nd thing...Like Da Dog said. Both guys use Active electronics. That means EMG's and nothing else my friend. EMG's are the main reason these guys have the tone they have. If you don't use EMG's you will have a hard time getting these type(s) of tone.

3rd thing...Both guys are pick players. Meaning that you (or your bass player) needs to play the bass with a pick, and NOT with your fingers. I play with my fingers. There is a HUGH difference in sound. So USE a pick to get the attack on the strings.

4th thing...Gallien Krueqer is the amp that Duff plays. GK's have a sound all their own. This is why Duff's tone is sooo much different from most bass players.

anonymous Sat, 08/12/2006 - 04:07

Hey wWittman the question was...

Auxsam wrote: Does anybody have any tips on getting that bass tone like duff mckagan on GNR's apetite, or billy gould on faith no more

Not who's the biggest asshole on RO? One that can't answer a question without putting someone else's input down and offering NO help to the person looking for direction.
Just like your other BS post on Boston. Attack, attack, attack, that's all I ever read from your post. You'd think a BIGshot (bigmouth) like yourself would have some real positive input, that would be helpfull at some point. But NOPE!
Just a bunch of "I dont know", "I cant help you", "the others guys are liars and stupid", "I don't do that", "I hate that, your all stupid."

The worst part is when you chime in a say nothing, except for something stupid.

Oh yeah, and Joan Osbourne SUCKS

Davedog Sat, 08/12/2006 - 10:09

Ok. I'm gonna weigh in once and then let er ride.

Firstly. Whatever history there is with you Mr.ZZ with WW is your own business. He made no negative reference to anyone in particular in that post. He simply said HE never uses only a DI, that he doesnt particularly like DI's as a device and that both of these guys probably record in a situation where they can crank a big bass rig. I dont see the personalization.

You're way off base.

WW doesnt hide his credentials, why should he? He makes really great sounding records. Do you?

Whether or not you like the material he's produced or engineered is a matter of personal taste. He's to the point in his posts and not everyone is going to agree. He uses what he uses because it works for him, but I've never seen him call someone names for their agreement or disagreement with his methods.

So take whatever personal problems you might have with WW and keep em to yourself. This isnt the place to vent or display annimosity.

BTW, I didnt catch your solution to the question......did you have one?

And as far as can only hope to have so much talent.

I'm almost offended that you sign up as of my personal favorites since the very early had better be a fan :evil:

MadTiger3000 Sat, 08/12/2006 - 11:46

Auxsam wrote: Hey,
Dones anybody have any tips on getting that bass tone like duff mckagan on GNR's apetite

I never really thought about it until it was brought up here, but whoever got that tone is a genius.

It may come off as kind of arrogant or snobbish, but any bass players here will feel me on this: it made him sound "better" than he was.

He is not a chump on bass, but the tone on Appetite for Destruction made him sound INVINCIBLE!!!!!!

anonymous Sat, 09/16/2006 - 01:56

In my opinion, sounds like a p-bass pickup tone with a midrangey tube amp, and pretty boosted bottom, but that's from memory. I'm no pro by any means, that's just what it sounds like to me. Going to have to crack the cdcase again and listen to it a few times and try to see if I can dial it in on my Mesa M-2000 and p-bass after I put the roundwounds back on her.