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Hello. I recently broke my headphones so it's time for me to return to the marketplace and start the search for a set again. The Beyerdynamic DT150s seem to offer exactly what I want and at £120, are roughly in the budget that I'm looking to spend. Yet, with so many brands out there and so many different models, I find it difficult to really pick apart what is good, and what isn't. The DT150s are very common in the industry which is why I'm aware of them but I would suppose there are plenty of other models out there that might offer the same for a cheaper price, or maybe something better for the same price!

I need headphones that are good for two main applications:
-Monitoring of music recording (I'm a sound engineer specialising in Rock/Metal)
-Internet radio (I'm a presenter)

So the question I'm throwing out there to you is,

With a budget of £100-£120 for a set of headphones, would you buy the DT150s? Or would you spend your money elsewhere?


MrEase Mon, 04/26/2010 - 15:38

I did! From my perspective, using headphones for the purposes you state, I do not regard the absolute highest fidelity as paramount. What I find is that I prefer some robust and comfortable cans. Although I do not generally use my DT150's for performers, I do use them all the time for monitoring when recording a live performance. For this the isolation is far more important to me and the DT150's are quite adequate in this respect. No doubt you may find better isolation elsewhere but when I take into account that they are robust and I can get spares for the inevitable accidental overstress then, for me, they offer the best overall package. Certainly I think they are an improvement on the older "standard" DT100's.

Having said that I have heard several good things about the Sony range but I have not had the chance to live with a pair so I cannot testify to their durability or comfort.

EDIT: BTW, if you do go for the DT150's, I have not fitted the retaining screw for the plug. This has saved me wrenching them off my head a couple of times as the plug just pulled out instead. The plug is a good fit and is not prone to poor contact without the screw.

Bankai Tue, 04/27/2010 - 10:46

Alright, I'll have a look and see what is in my price range.

For future reference if a product retails at $100 dollars in the US it will usually be on sale for £100 in the UK :(

For example while the Pro900s are $550 dollars for you, they are £550 for us even though using current exchange rates £550 will equal $780.

anonymous Tue, 04/27/2010 - 11:10

For Monitoring FOH and tracking, I use Beyer Dt770Ms _ much more comfortable than the 100/150s, and just as robust. Much better sound quality. Great isolation, closed back.
The 'M' ones have a straight lead with a volume slider, and leatherette earpads - which can crack after a couple of years.-replacements cheap.

For mixing or listening, Open-back cans have a better sound - eg 880,990, Sennheisers etc



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