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Hi all,

I just got the SM57 and after recording some samples I noticed I performs like the Shure 8900, so I got both next to each other a put a metronome like 10cms from them, and compared the Waveswhich look pretty much identical.

What type of sounds will help me see the difference ?, is it in front of a amp where I can see a difference ?, any other way to notice it ?

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RemyRAD Sat, 01/03/2009 - 14:48

I'm an engineer that actually "sees" sound.

What I don't do is record metronome's. Nothing to be gleaned from that. You listen to actual musical sources that's what you do. Recording them simultaneously & comparing the two. Not metronome's. It's like trying to record the signal to noise ratio of an empty room. You can't. Not really. You can certainly measure noise levels, with calibrated testing devices. Just use your microphones and you'll get to know what they sound good on and what they don't sound good on.

Use your ears. They are the closest you can get to your brain.
Ms. Remy Ann David

anonymous Sat, 01/03/2009 - 16:26

Who is the guy with the signature lioke "Talking about music is like trying to taste architecture."?

So fitting right now.

Your gain should be set depending on the source, try to record without clipping. Keeping the peaks from creating audible clipping is the name of the game. Also keeping it above the noise floor.