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audiokid pcrecord
Hi guys. :)
I was hoping you could help me out with some info on a Canadian artist; Stan Rogers...
For those who don't know, Rogers was a Canadian folk writer/singer.
He recorded an album in '83, shortly before his untimely death in a plane fire; the album is called "From Fresh Water", and features balladeer-style writing, using the Great Lakes as its central theme in story telling.
I've done some searching, but so far, info seems to be pretty sparse for things like where it was recorded, the producer, engineer, session players, etc.
Do you guys know anything about this album, or any details of its production?
Here's a track from the album, White Squall, that I find to be haunting and wonderfully recorded; it's some of the most beautifully recorded acoustic guitar I've ever heard, (though I don't think that YouTube's audio codec does it justice).
Any info you could share would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks! :)


ronmac Sun, 04/08/2018 - 11:53

Stan is a cultural icon, especially in my part of Canada. I am willing to bet that more people here learn the words to his popular songs before our own National Anthem.

The producer of many, if not all, of his albums was a man by the name of Paul Mills (stage name Curly Boy Stubbs). Paul also played lead acoustic guitar on a lot of the recordings. He is still actively playing and producing in Ontario.

I have been fortunate to work with another band member, Stan's brother Garnet. Garnet played fiddle, guitar and sang harmony on the road and in the studio. Garnet is still touring heavily and usually plays one of Stan's tunes during his shows. He wrote a book, Night Drives, that is a great read about the days they toured together, had no money and sometimes slept in jail. He gave me a copy at the last show we worked together, but I have not finished it.

There is an annual folk festival Remembering him called StanFest, held in the small Nova Scotia fishing village that was home to his ancestors.

pcrecord Sun, 04/08/2018 - 18:31

I found this ( :
From Fresh Water is a 1984 album by Stan Rogers. It was one of a series of concept albums Rogers intended to do about the regions of Canada. From Fresh Water is about the Great Lakes area of Canada, while Fogarty’s Cove was an album about the Maritimes, and Northwest Passage was about the western provinces. Planned albums about Quebec and the Far North were never recorded.

The first of Rogers’s albums to get the lavish production that its material deserved, it was produced by Daniel Lanois in studios owned by the CBC. The album’s string sections and guitar solos were polarizing among folk purists.

Daniel Lanois produced so many albums in his time...

Also found this :