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Hey all,

Does anyone have experience of both of these comps? I'm looking to use it on the drum bus primarily...



sshack Tue, 05/28/2013 - 07:57

I have the Nail and have used the Slate on some sessions (borrowed from my local Pro Audio store).

The Slate is a great sounding compressor with lots of tonal options/abilities, I just struggled with the price more than anything else. I think he would sell more units if he were a few hundred bucks cheaper.

The Nail, I love. Tracking, 2-bus, gets the job done on just about any source I throw at it...and quite well IMO. Overall it's pretty clean sounding, but you can push it to get some gooey mojo, but it always retains a nice vibe even when trying to screw things up!

Good luck.