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I am plugging my electric guitar straight into my RME UFX interface and the results are good.

But would it be even better if i had my guitar thru a DI box?

I am just sitting at home recording into Ableton live and Pro Tools.

I have read some things about how it improves the signal, but is it really necessary in my situation?


Boswell Wed, 03/02/2016 - 15:33

Assuming you are plugging your guitar jack plug into one of the built-in DI inputs on the RME UFX (front panel combo sockets, channels 9 - 12), that is every bit as good as going through almost any of the better DI boxes.

The RME products give a very transparent sound, so the only time I might think of using an external DI box in your situation is if the combination of my guitar and that particular DI box gave a guitar tone that I liked but could not get any other way.