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I looked at all the digital workstations in my price range and although the Roland 2400 can be hooked up to a mouse and screen it did not have the features of the Yamaha.

The Roland did not even have an insert on the pre's.

It also looked like the Roland needed some extra software and cards to do what the Yamaha does.

Not to mention it seemed from what I read that the Roland was difficult to use and their instructions were confusing.

I like the idea of using a mouse and screen but the Roland's reviews scared me off. I am not that computer literate.

Does anybody have experience with these workstations or opinions about them.


anonymous Thu, 09/20/2007 - 23:07

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I've used all the Yami DAWs, and I still have a 16G and a couple 4416s and you found their only weakness: lack of VGA outputs! These units are amazing at everything except getting a good visual on your micro edits. But, good news! There is a forum out there just for these units, and one of the "master beta masters" wrote a program called AWExtract. This program takes your data back up disc, and extracts the wave. files to your PC, where you can edit them on any program, and then wave. them right back into the DAW. The 2400 also has I/O slots on the back, right? You can get a card, y56k maybe?, that will ADAT your tracks into your PC.
I think you will be happier in the long run w/ a Yami vs. the "others", but you may need to add PC into the equation, specifically for editing.
All of this, of course, is just one guys humble opinion.
Good Luck w/ your purchase!