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Hi -

Can anyone help me?

I am new to recording and I have a question.

I use Cake 9.0, I have a Card D+ and a Soundcraft (Spirit Folio- Rac
Pac) mixer. Every time I try to listen to tracks while recording a new
part I get an out of phase typoe of sound through my monitors.

My monitors or not self powered so I use a Samson (Servo 120) power

Any suggestions on why this is happening.


Ang1970 Mon, 10/15/2001 - 10:07

First thing that comes to mind is make sure your mic channel is not feeding the 1/2-bus on the Spirit. Simply flipping the input channel to the 3/4 bus will remove it from the mix.

The manual advises you to use the direct output, as it is the "shortest signal path". But in most cases the shortest path is the output from the insert connection. In this case, the insert comes after the HPF, but before the rest of the EQ. The direct out comes after the EQ and fader. So poopy on the manual, take the channel insert out into your cardD input. (Unless you actually want to record EQ to track. Not unheard of. Whatever floats yer boat.) If you then neglect to provide a return path to the insert, it will also prevent a double of the signal from reaching the 1/2-bus.

Hope that helps.