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Looking for feedback on my Cloud Rap song

Hello everyone,

My name is Choof, I am an indie artist from Ontario, Canada. I just released a new song and am looking for feedback on the vocal mix. I work in Logic Pro, and used EQ, Compressor, De-esser, pitch correction, and a little reverb/chorus on a bus. I also layer my vocals.

I'm very new to mixing my own vocals, so any feedback would be great!



Mic for online music lessons with little feedback

I give music lessons online and want to upgrade the sound to include an external mic with an interface (Focusrite Scarlett 2i2). Which mic has least feedback? I don't mind dynamic one - how about the Shure 57 or 58? Should I get a shotgun mic instead? Which brand?

Thank you in advance for helping a newby out...

Random Noise issue is getting resolved - Feedback required


I record audio tutorial at my home studio and has no connection with creating music so my requirement is very basic (just to record clean audio as much as possible at my end).

Issue: I was facing a noise issue which was coming on its own when I start recording
(while monitoring I noticed, sometimes there was modulating and phasing frequency (going up and down) and the other time it was whine in the noise) somehow that is fixed now:

"Superstar" - I could really use some feedback on this one

Been working on this for a bit - It's an early 80's rock meets modern pop hybrid with some big drops and some strong vocal and instrumental hooks - really hoping to do something with this..... Any mix advice is greatly appreciated - as is any commentary on form or function --- my only uncertainty is the chorus' where I drop the drums and simplify the instrumentation -- Structurally I make the verses the exciting part so there's an inverse of form there....

Many thanks - always very much appreciated.

Based on Feedback - Got 2 Mics to Remove Background Noise

Hello :)

Based on the feedback I got from respected members of this forum I ordered dynamic mic(s) to eliminate the background noise because all the other options (whichever was possible at my end) I already tried and getting mic was the only fix.

I've a home studio setup where I create educational video course and currently using MXL 770 with Scarlett solo 2nd gen.

FYI: So far I got SM57
and SM58 is in transit and I will try both of them whichever works best to eliminate the background noise I'll keep that and return the other one.