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Looking for feedback on my Cloud Rap song

Hello everyone,

My name is Choof, I am an indie artist from Ontario, Canada. I just released a new song and am looking for feedback on the vocal mix. I work in Logic Pro, and used EQ, Compressor, De-esser, pitch correction, and a little reverb/chorus on a bus. I also layer my vocals.

I'm very new to mixing my own vocals, so any feedback would be great!



Mic for online music lessons with little feedback

I give music lessons online and want to upgrade the sound to include an external mic with an interface (Focusrite Scarlett 2i2). Which mic has least feedback? I don't mind dynamic one - how about the Shure 57 or 58? Should I get a shotgun mic instead? Which brand?

Thank you in advance for helping a newby out...

"Superstar" - I could really use some feedback on this one

Been working on this for a bit - It's an early 80's rock meets modern pop hybrid with some big drops and some strong vocal and instrumental hooks - really hoping to do something with this. . Any mix advice is greatly appreciated - as is any commentary on form or function --- my only uncertainty is the chorus' where I drop the drums and simplify the instrumentation -- Structurally I make the verses the exciting part so there's an inverse of form there.

Many thanks - always very much appreciated.

Based on Feedback - Got 2 Mics to Remove Background Noise

Hello :)

Based on the feedback I got from respected members of this forum I ordered dynamic mic(s) to eliminate the background noise because all the other options (whichever was possible at my end) I already tried and getting mic was the only fix.

I've a home studio setup where I create educational video course and currently using MXL 770 with Scarlett solo 2nd gen.

FYI: So far I got SM57