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Mix n Mastering feedback pleasey... Thank You All (COVID 19) (Voice n Piano)

Hi folks, totally new here. Have been playing around with song writing for the last 10 years. I don't mind writing but recording and mixing (to end up with what I have in my head) is the difficult bit aint it! Steep learning curve.

Anyhow this is a song I wrote recently after hearing someone (that works in a hospital) commenting upon how someone had given them some grief about how their treatment was going. They were obviously down about it. The next day these lyrics popped in my head around 5am... (that's how it happens for me) and so I thought I'd try to get it recorded. I'd like to share it with them when its done, but I keep noticing things to fix..

Most latterly been fiddling with the level between vox n piano... but now I need fresh ears...

Mixed then mastered using Sonar and Izotope.

I'm trying hard to get it playable on various devices from a full stereo system to a mobile phone, (most music seems to be listened on phones these days)

Its a simple song just vox n piano...

What do you think about levels, mix etc all thought appreciated

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Random Noise issue is getting resolved - Feedback required


I record audio tutorial at my home studio and has no connection with creating music so my requirement is very basic (just to record clean audio as much as possible at my end).

Issue: I was facing a noise issue which was coming on its own when I start recording
(while monitoring I noticed, sometimes there was modulating and phasing frequency (going up and down) and the other time it was whine in the noise) somehow that is fixed now:

Solution: For last two days I've been doing many things for ex:
I rearranged the usb and power cables, shuffled the power sockets and plugs so that nothing overlaps on anything:

Its seems something is working now :) so I did the demo recording and this recording sounds clean to my ears but you will be the judge:

I set the gain to 50% (instead of 65% on which I usually record) in AI (Scarlett solo 2nd gen)

Demo recording: I did two recordings one using ASIO driver and other using Waveout driver in Reaper:

Used ASIO drivers Gain 50%:

Used Waveout drivers Gain 50%:

2. After listening to the audio files, do they sound clean recording?

3. And is the gain appropriate? (if I had increased the gain in AI then mic would have picked up noise because it was noisy outside while recording)

Let me know your feedback :)

Thanks in advance!

"Superstar" - I could really use some feedback on this one

Been working on this for a bit - It's an early 80's rock meets modern pop hybrid with some big drops and some strong vocal and instrumental hooks - really hoping to do something with this. . Any mix advice is greatly appreciated - as is any commentary on form or function --- my only uncertainty is the chorus' where I drop the drums and simplify the instrumentation -- Structurally I make the verses the exciting part so there's an inverse of form there.

Many thanks - always very much appreciated.


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Based on Feedback - Got 2 Mics to Remove Background Noise

Hello :)

Based on the feedback I got from respected members of this forum I ordered dynamic mic(s) to eliminate the background noise because all the other options (whichever was possible at my end) I already tried and getting mic was the only fix.

I've a home studio setup where I create educational video course and currently using MXL 770 with Scarlett solo 2nd gen.

FYI: So far I got SM57
and SM58 is in transit and I will try both of them whichever works best to eliminate the background noise I'll keep that and return the other one.

I did 1 Minute demo recording at 3:30am:

Note: Fan and Ac was off and only, some noise was coming from outside...

First test:
Scarlett solo 2nd gen: Gain 75%
MXL 770 - It picked up a lot of noise

Second test:
Scarlett solo 2nd gen: Gain 79%
SM57 - I recorded noise for first 30 seconds then spoken something for 1 minute.

Recording: https://www.dropbox…

1. Request - I request you please listen to the recording and check whether the background noise is completely removed or not as I don't have monitor headset.

2. I listen to the recording, even though gain was 79% but still volume is low. I guess If I increase more gain than mic will pick up noise and audio interface may also generate some noise isn't? So whats the solution for it? Should I use Audition/Audacity to increase the gain (using Compressor or Amplify effect) but I guess that will also increases underlying background noise (if it is in the recording)?

Please forgive me, I'm afraid, after listening to SM57 it sounds like it-isn't have rich and warm sound like MXL 770. It sounds somewhat flat but I'm grateful I got this.

MS with shotgun? Feedback anyone?

I've been asked to record a guy in a living room playing guitar and singing. I first thought to have a cardioid for the singer and the shotgun for the guitar so I can get better signals from each source. But then we discussed a bit more and decided it would be nice to have some of the ambient coming from the window (neighbours talking and some birds singing) and some acoustics from the room it self. I'm thinking of using MS technique, but with the shotgun pointing at him and the guitar(with enough distance) and then the fig. 8 picking up the room acoustics and the window.

1) Has anyone ever tried this? If so can you share your experience?

2) If the two mics aren't exactly on top of each other when recording, will this limit my post production process?


NEW SOUND FORGE Pro 12 - Your feedback is welcome!

Dear community!

We're proud to celebrate 25 Years of SOUND FORGE with the latest release of SOUND FORGE Pro 12.
We were highly inspired by the last feedback thread here in the community and like to go for a second round! Please feel free to tell us what you like and dislike, and your ideas and wishes for future features!

The highlights of this version are the following:
- 64-Bit
- VST3 Support
- Wave Hammer 2.0
- DeClicker/DeCrackler
- DeHisser
- DeClipper
- POWR-R Dithering
- 384 kHz Samplerate
- DSD Import/Export Support

You can download a trial directly here:

Here's a short video showcasing what SOUND FORGE is and can:

Have a look at our magazine article for more in-depth information: coming soon

We will collect your feedback and forward it directly to our SOUND FORGE development team.

We're excited to read your comments!