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I have a limiter plug from this company, and came across this free convolution verb they offer. Seemed reasonable from the YouTube and useful for stylized 80s sounds from the vintage section. I wonder if any of the other ir's are useful. Im gonna give it a try. I like it has zero latency mode. Check it out if your interested.… plugins/convology-xt/


kmetal Mon, 11/23/2020 - 18:17

Ya know i thought the same rung a bell!!!!
Its got a ton of impulse responses. Let me know how it sounds if you mess around with it.

Its funny samplitude includes it as one of the selling points on the upgrade, and its free anyway lol.

pcrecord, post: 466092, member: 46460 wrote: I think the same version is included with Samplitude Pro X5.
I like it, but when mixing I often forget it's there.. That what having too many plugins do.. :)
Need to put it in my favorites..

kmetal Wed, 11/25/2020 - 13:18

pcrecord, post: 466100, member: 46460 wrote: I tested it when I got X5 and it sounds very good.. Does the IR sounds like the originals, I can't say but it's a nice addition to the limited reverb they included before (and still do)
I could make a video about it if some of you are interested..

The existing videos on it leave a little to be desired. Not sure how popular it would be, but im interested, and people seem to like free stuff.

I tend to like convolution verbs over algorithmic ones in a daw setting. They seem to be able to exhibit a wider range of footprints.

Never used a real lexicon either, but the convology did seem to have that lexicon type sound enough to be identifiable.

Convololgy says you can load in .wav and .aiff files, i wonder if this means you could load in your own impluse responses. Itd be fun to hear you sample your room. If you put the mics outside the drum room or in the far corners of the room, and face the mics at the wall a few inches away, you can get a big room sound from a fairly small room.


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