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Hello, Recording Forum;

I have a Keith McMillen SoftStep-2 foot controller that runs through a MIDI Expander and into my MPX-1 (first of 2...I know the MPX-1 is a bit outdated, but they're my favorite). All I want the SoftStep to do is allow me to change programs on the MPX-1, and I can’t get the MPX-1 to respond. I’ve been at this off & on, literally, for weeks and ned to get it resolved.

I’m getting an LED flash from the SS2, set to transmit on Chanel 1, so I know it’s sending a MIDI signal.

My MPX-1 settings are:
MIDI Program Change: On
MIDI Receive: 1
MIDI Transmit: 1
MDI CTL Send: CC1 = CC1
MIDI CTL Smooth 100
MIDI Clock Send: Off
MIDI Automation: On
MIDI Sysex: On

The MPX-1 programs I’m trying to work with are above the presets range—201 & up.

I’ve scoured the manual but can’t find what it is I’m missing.

I could use some help, seriously… like a step-by-step, if possible.



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dvdhawk Wed, 06/01/2016 - 15:58

I used to use a MIDI Foot Controller to change rack mount multi-effects units all time, but it's been quite some time ago. I'll find a manual and see if I can find anything helpful, but for starters I'd set the Lexicon's MIDI Receive: to OMNI and turn OFF the MIDI Automation and MIDI Sysex. I don't think the last two are necessary to step through Program Changes.

Are you using the McMillen Editors to address the buttons to perform Program Change?

Cayce Fri, 06/03/2016 - 06:26

Thanks for getting back to me , dvdhawk;

I have 2 MPX-1 units, the second purchased just recently, and had been factory reset. I'd been working with my first unit, which I've had since they first came out. After having tried everything under the sun to get it to respond to the controller, I decided to try the second unit and it it responded right away. Seems the factory settings are already set up to receive program change signals from a controller. I was elated, and shut down for the night.

I started my morning optimistic that with only one issue left to resolve, I could finally put the whole thing behind me and get down to business. The remaining issue is that the controller effects programs 1-100, the first of 3 memory banks in the MPX-1. I need it to control the 3rd bank, 201-250 (User Programs). Piece o' Cake. Except the MPX-1 doesn't do "Piece o' Cake". I've spent the past three hours decrypting the manual (again) to decipher one single line of text in the MIDI section that reads, "Controller 32 is used to select Banks" (see attached image), but there's not a single other mention in the manual as to how to get to "Controller 32". There's a section that describes controllers that, literally, reads "The following MIDI controllers are available as Dynamic MIDI patch sources: MIDI Controllers 1-31, 33-119", suspiciously leaving out #32, the one I need.

Sorry to dump all this on you, but I'm exploring unprecedented depths of frustration over this. If you have any clue as to how to access and control these banks in this machine, would you please clue me in? I'd be forever grateful.


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dvdhawk Fri, 06/03/2016 - 09:29

OK, that's exactly the same thing I saw in the manual I found online, and it certainly is frustratingly vague.

What I took from that was you need to:

1) Go into the Pgm Change level of the System Menu
2) Make sure Pgm Change is set to ON
3) Press the OPTIONS button and get into the Pgm# Offset settings and set it to 200

Which if I'm understanding the manual, pressing a "1" on the SoftStep, should produce a 201 in the Lexicon.

You can always do a "System Only" and/or "Controllers" reset on your first MPX1, but if you're not careful you'll lose any custom patches you may have tweaked and stored. (Manual page 5-12)