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Long story short, I keep hearing sh*t in my house, it sounds like people talking and I hear running around etc. We have cameras in our house, but they keep magically looking very grainy, I used voice amplifier but magically again...when I suspect sounds like my ear is blown off when I recorded our cameras from my phone on certain nights. and when I try to playback the audio I hear the whispers. I can even get done audio clear where I can make out some of the whispers...but it sounds like loud static and I need to know exactly how to clear the static (possibly clipped audio from amplifying) and to enhance the whispers..PLEASE HELP ME PROVE MY SANITY! I have one file I can send I cleaned up to prove there’s something going on,..


cyrano Mon, 09/07/2020 - 22:42

Phones aren't the best solution for recording stuff like this...

In the phone a bunch of DSP's do echo-cancellation, auto-gain and filtering, to make your voice as best as possible.

When cleaning up random noise, the DSP's are trying to get something out of it. And that may very well result in stuff like you're hearing.

Our ears are the second problem. Our brains are programmed to interpret the sounds. Voices could be rustling leaves on the ground. Etc.

What you need is a good quality linear recording. That enables guessing sound levels and treating/filtering afterwards.

We have a funny noise like that in the house. Seldom and only at very quiet moments. I suspect it's a lone shrew (Soricidae), hunting at night.

Usually, camera's and microphones don't help much in house. If there's an animal, it's usually under the floor boards.

Heather Rogers Wed, 09/09/2020 - 09:46

What would you suggest to use to record? The thing is, I have 2 audios I semi cleaned that have distinct voices (my husband and you can hear the other person answer to him) I thought he was talking to me, but clear as day I have the other “voice” saying keys and then you can hear the wringing off keys...


pcrecord Wed, 09/09/2020 - 11:51

I agree with Cyrano,
Forensic audio recording and analysis is always a sensitive subject.
I received countless requests on this forum and through my website to try to extract audio from poorly recorded audio.
The one very thing you should ask yourself is why are you doing this and is this legal... Placing mics in a room and recording people without their knowledge isn't legal in most country...
That's the first strike.
Second, audio is like a cake, you can't retrieve the eggs once they're mix and cooked. A loud source will always mask a faint one if the frequency content is similar.
You could buy a Zoom recorder like the Zoom H1n and get a more precise recording but even then, it's not made for extreem forensic work.
For exemple you wouldn't be able to discerne the voice if he was talking over the phone unless he's very close to the mic.

You could contact ghost hunters, they usually spend great lenght to record audio even out of what our ears can hear.

But with all respect, get help, either legally and/or psychological. People get stressed and panic everyday, specially with the pandemic.

The majority of RO member record music. Ghosts, animals in the walls, recording whispers of a possible mistress and getting proof to the court is well out of our scope of actions.. ;)

Heather Rogers Wed, 09/09/2020 - 12:21

He knows it’s recording. He’s convinced it’s a ghost but ehh I think otherwise because I can hear it all going on and it’s just more active when I’m asleep. It’s not audio of his phone. It’s just a voice memo re recording app turned on from my phone. I just want to make sure too there’s not anyone coming in with my kids of he really doesn’t know who it is. He’s said many times “you probably do hear what you say you do, but it’s not me” but his voice is distinct.