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I'm planning to record a live show as multitracks.
I have to set my pair of RODE NT5 to get the room/crowd sound.

How would you set up those mics?

high? pointing the stage? Pointing the audience?

Well, any help would be appreciated.



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anonymous Sun, 02/19/2006 - 16:04

I'd watch out aiming them straight down. Unless you want to hear a small group of people's conversations/screaming all night - that can get annoying. I usually set up right in front of the mix in an XY about 8-10 feet high, aimed SLIGHTLY toward the floor. Depending on the placement of the FOH, this will work just fine. I use my NT5's all the time for this. The crowd noise will sit in the mix in a manner that it won't be effected by the PA. Especially in an accoustic set.