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Hello there,

I am a singer/song-writer/guitarist with a relatively newfound interest in recording and music production (mainly to try and capture my own ideas but also to satisfy my curiosity for new things like recording techniques).

I have access to a pretty cool little basement in in the suburb of Mt Hawthorn in Perth and from November, a friend and I will be spending some time there to experiment with recording techniques for vocals and instruments.

It won't be anything hi-tech; just a Behringer B2-pro, a pop shield (and maybe a portable vocal booth), a Sennheiser guitar amp microphone, an amplifier, and an old vintage ribbon microphone that my friend has had since his recording days in the 70s.

We intend to experiment with different mic placings and different mic applications and capture everything in an iPad on through Auria linked to a Scarlett 18i6.

If anyone is interested in joining us then please register your interest in this thread; I will post further details closer to the time.

It will be on Mondays or Tuesdays (maybe both depending upon interest and motivation) from 5pm until whenever.

My goal would be to create a little project into which we can all bring some ideas and have some input and in the process record and produce something that we can call music and at the end of it all be better for the experience.



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