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Here's the latest compilation. 38 singers, 5 musicians and the conductor - all recorded at home. Audio wise - eq, and sync only.

It's actually a bit odd - the piece of music has very few words in it, but I picked 1 track as a guide from soprano, alto, tenor and bass, and then had to chop up every persons recording to move their words to consistent places - some were close, many wildly adrift. 38 singers, all aligned. Cubase, for the first time, failed me in doing this automatically - it made a real mess of it, so manual it had to be.

If you listen carefully - some things I could not fix. The organist placed the microphone he borrowed next to the clacking keys and nothing I tried made much difference, and the organist's music was the wrong version. The strings near the beginning don't play for a bar - where in their version, the organ plays - but we ended up with a bar's silence from them all, so I recreated the missing bar from what he played near the end and slotted it in. There are a few sync issues with some singers - mainly because they miscounted and sang the wrong words - making life quite difficult for me. Got there in the end.

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