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I'm tryig to install this Omega on the kids pc and the drivers keep disappearing! anyone have any experience with this? It's an old Dell Dimension 4400 with windows xp. any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

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TheJackAttack Wed, 09/08/2010 - 09:05

If that is the Dimension I am thinking of, it is a psychotic possessed mother board. There was a series right in that era that utilized RDRAM and all of those were loge, temperamental and difficult. And those were their good qualities. I had numerous issues maintaining USB and wireless networked devices that I could never account for. Now generally I am not a Dell hater and have many Dell laptops I work with. That caveat aside, if you find you have one of the versions with the RDRAM motherboard I would quit while you were ahead. There were many good reasons why RDRAM did not take off and was superseded quite quickly by DDR2.