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This is very cool i think! Especially for small mix adjustments where you don't want to scroll across the entire screen, or mutes etc. Its literally like working with an assistant that doesn't require you to supply lunch.

I felt this was going to be a trend when izotope introduced the spire voice activated recorder. I remember Dave Hawk joking about how it would misunderstand the commands, and tossing it thru the wall.

I think hands free is probably the next best thing to completely tactile hands on control ala' analog console etc. I think the single track at a time type control we all use ITB, is clunky. Voice commands should offer a great way to multi task. It should eliminate a lot if scrolling and menu diving. I love the idea of just saying "insert pro q 3 on the bass guitar" instead on menu diving. Menu diving is one of the most tedious parts of the current daw workflow imho.

Hoping this functionality becomes common place on all programs. I love how you can program your own commands!

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