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MOTU and AMD ? I wanna get a MOTU UltraLite. I have a AMD dualcore with ASUS MoBo. I know I need a TI firewire card 'cause the interface "speaks" directly to that.
My concern is with the AMD processor - (which I've used with Tascam for 2 years). I've heard people say they have "issues" with AMD (as oppossed to INTEL) processors. Has anyone had similar experience?
One would think that MOTU would try to address this kind of issue - especially with AMD popularity of past several years...


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cathode_ray Tue, 01/29/2008 - 05:33

Thanks - bent and Hans.
I expect I am highly impressionable and I listen to many viewpoints. Then I find some people's main point is on the top of their heads.
I know from work that hardware/software integration is a "never-ending" battle - one I have little tolerance for. I much prefer to learn from other's experience but one must be cautious who you listen to. And I've been on this forum long enough to know who is knowledgable - thanks again.


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