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Free Convolution Reverb with Lexicon 480

I have a limiter plug from this company, and came across this free convolution verb they offer. Seemed reasonable from the YouTube and useful for stylized 80s sounds from the vintage section. I wonder if any of the other ir's are useful. Im gonna give it a try. I like it has zero latency mode. Check it out if your interested.

Budget Interfaces just a question about a Lexicon i-onix u82s

I have a chance to scoop one of these up cheap ... ... I understand it's a discontinued product, it does have available drivers for windows 7 /64 bit ( I have a desktop that will support it). I'm not finding much in reviews, The odd posting about failures and the odd posting about the dbx preamps having a limited range on the gain controls ...

Lexicon Apha with Shure SM57 help?

Hi there just got Lexicon Alpha with Shure sm57, i used this vid here Lexicon Alpha - How to Record a Track in Cubase LE5 - YouTube to assist me so i think i have it setup correctly. So i can hear mic through headphones when plugged into alpha but when i try to record on Cubase it just picks up sound from in built microphone on my mac.

Whats wrong with my recording? Audio-Technica AT2035 + Lexicon Alpha

I just purchased a Audio-Technica AT2035
and Lexicon Alpha Preamp/Interface whichever one
but when I try to record with records the right stereo only, and doesnt record in mono
So what could be my problem
I have a NADY SMPS phantom to power the mic btw

Please help in any way


Hey! Newbie here! I'm having trouble with an interface I recently bought for about a hundred dollars at a local music store. It fit all of my qualifications; I really just need an XLR cable for my Shure SM-57 (that I use purely for vocals) and a 1/4th inch cable for my guitar, bass and the box I use for drum mics (long story, not apart of this problem).

Cubase, win 7, Lexicon Alpha and Yikes! Only Sounds From the little laptop speakers

Hello and its good to be here!

The system runs well, and all so if I go direct through the laptop mic out, all is good, but I try and get sound though the Alpha via the headphone out to my main speakers, nothing, just plays though the little laptop speakers. All OTHER system sounds etc play just fine via the Alpha - GREAT! NOT!


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