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Hi everyone, I'm almost done with this song, and Ive been mixing in Pro Tools 6.4. Im using 16 tracks, plus some aux inputs and 2 midi tracks. The problem is Im hearing this hiss or buzzy sound when playback. We had to add some extra voices and the same noise will sound while recording. It seems like a trial and error thing because the noise dissapears after trying several times to playback or record. Just push play until its gone, sometimes it will disappear for a while, but it won't go definitely.

I run pro tools in a Power Mac G5 dual 1.8Ghz and 2.0Gb Ram, I was wondering if this could be lack of memory or something like that, however it seems enough memory to me. In this case, Ive been using more plugins than I usually do so I dont know if this could be a problem.

Is there any way to set up your computer so It will work at its maximum performance?

Ive tried with different setups in the playback engine, and still hear rgat noise

I would appreciate anyones help.

THanks in advance

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anonymous Thu, 06/02/2005 - 13:19

I run on ProTools 6.7 on G5 with 1 Gb. I used to run 6.4 as well.
I have sessions up to 30 tracks and no problems. Your problem is
not due toi lack of memory.

Search though the RO, I remember someone had noise problem
and it was caused by a plug-in. Quick test - make all plugs non-
active, see if the noise goes away...

Optimization - set CPU usage to 99% (one CPU will be dedicated
to ProTools). When record set buffer size low, when mix set it
512 or above. For detailed optimization check the Refference Guide
(like - reduce number of undo's, no screen re-draw ecc).