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So I picked up a Ramsa WR-T820 recently and boy do I love it. The preamps sound nice and fat especially when they are pushed. I've been using it with a DAW set up but recently have been experimenting with recording directly to Tape and I would like to patch in Outboard effects like a reverb tank and a compressor. The board appears to be set up for effects. As you can see in the photos there are effects outputs..

But as far as I can tell there are no effect ins on the board whatsoever? What gives? There are inserts in each and every track which I assume are for independent effects. But how to I utilize these effects knobs on every channel (Effect 1 and Effect 2) If there is no effect in? Is the Effect Out also an effect in maybe a Tip Ring situation where 1 cable acts as the send and the out? If so it is only labeled as send. I'm also curious if anyone could explain why there are 8 submixes and what the point of this is. A lot of things about this board confuses me and Any help would be appreciated I'm not sure where to go from here. Thanks!

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