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hi guys,

i'm not very pre-amp savvy, as most studios i've worked in have just used the console pres, but i just bought a pair of dpa 4006's and i'm wondering what kind of preamps would work well with them (taking impedence etc. into consideration). I only have one revolution redd.47 at the moment, so i'm looking for 8 extra channels anyway so i can handle drums. i was thinking either the shadow hills 8 channel box or an api 3124+ and a Sebatron vmp400e, but if there's a 2 channel unit anyone can specially recommend for the 4006's to get the most out of them, and if it would work heaps better than any of the pres i'm already planning to get, i'd be happy to get that as well. can anyone suggest anything?


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RemyRAD Mon, 02/20/2006 - 22:11

George Massenburg makes some lovely high-voltage microphone preamplifier's! He likes hot quiet microphones like his original custom modified Neumann KM84s, that put out gobs of level. So look into George Massenburg Labs for some kick ass microphone preamplifier's.

Jealous of your 4006s
Ms. Remy Ann David

anonymous Tue, 02/21/2006 - 18:43

It really depends on the sound you want. Usually DPA mics are purchased for high accuracy. If you are recording acoustic instruments and want them to be as accurate as possible (i.e. like a grand piano whose sound you love as is) then go for a Millennia, Buzz, Original Great River, gordon, GML, etc. The GML already mentioned in an earler post is a great idea because it is a little euphonic at the same time.

I would avoid the API IMHO. I have one and do not like it that much with my DPA 4011 (cardoid version of your mic basically). It is ok, but not my preference. I like APIs for driving hard and adding color, especially on drums.

But my first choice for such a clean mic as the DPA 4006 is a clean pre to show what it can do on that end. Then secondly, I would get a more colored pre for variety.

I guess in a rather long way, if you can afford it, get two pres. If not, get a clean one.