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I recently just purchased a Roland VS-880 on Ebay. I'm wondering on the effects such as Mic and Amp Simulators if most people that have used this enjoy the way these effects sound, or not. I just purchased the VS8F-1 Board so it's not installed yet..I haven't actually used any of them yet. Just want some opinions from people who have used these before since I don't own any amplifiers myself..just instruments to go direct.

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Curve Dominant Sun, 04/15/2001 - 12:21


As far as I know, the 880's were always advertised as INCLUDING TWO fx cards. When I chose to buy a VS880EX, this was one of the factors I based my decision on. So if I was you, I would call the cat that you bought that unit from, and tell him to send you the two fx cards that he pulled from the unit before he shipped it to ya.

That having been said, I have been recording DI to my VS using the onboard fx's and they are work with. Not phenomenal sounding, but definitely highly usable and intricately tweakable. Treat the VS like you would a real complete studio, and you will find it to be a highly efficient work environment where you can quickly produce high quality work. Treat the fx patches accordingly: spend some time with the parameters, listen closely, be patient, and get in the habit of saving your changes to the user bank of fx. There are lots of interesting fx that draw from the long history of Roland/Boss fx on those cards, and you can get really creative with them if you apply yourself.

Post again when you get those fx cards installed, and we'll update you.


anonymous Mon, 04/16/2001 - 06:19


I have the card installed now. This model only takes one card. The 1680 and 1880 take two. I can see there is only room for one in my machine. I've been messing with the effects and they sound great. I like the way you can tweak them like you were using a regular set of effects processors. Very interesting..More later once I get some stuff recorded.