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hey does anyone got any tips on the amp settings i should have to get that great slayer tone? thanks


anonymous Thu, 06/09/2005 - 00:06

no clue what kind of amp you have..

slayer is just a raw dirty distortion. you really dont need that much gain, just really high drive and enough gain to sustain notes dirty. you really need a tube amp for that kind of stuff. thats not the type of tone you get out of an amp by tweaking.

EQing keep it pretty flat with a little dip in the bass knob.

anonymous Tue, 07/19/2005 - 14:24

I'm not a slayer fan but remember, tone comes from the players fingers. You're not going to sound like them. Also, regardless of amps in the studio, you have to keep in mind the recording chain, mics, pre-amps etc.

I recently got some stuff to mix that was tracked by another studio, when recording they also recorded a DI track for each guitar player. The tones were not the best so I started reamping guitars. When you do this you will find out how much tone comes from the fingers. After reamping with different amps it still sounded like the guys playing, just through different amps. Try it sometime!

anonymous Tue, 07/19/2005 - 18:44

dont see how tone has to do with fingering, only thing would be picking wise. of course if you run someone's DI through different amps its gonna sound like him, because its the same guitar, same guy, same everything.

from what ive experienced, tone is mostly determined by (in order):

1 the actual guitar body + pickups
2 strings + pick
3 amp gain architecture
4 pick technique (where on the strings, how hard they pick)
5 amp eq (barely affects tone, some amps it doesnt at all)

ive run my guitar through DI (using digital amp sims), DI (using a sans-amp type pedal), DI with line6 amp (using line6's gain), miking a 15W peavey, miking the same line6 amp, miking a trace elliot 2X12 tramp. tried countless EQing and processing (and lack of) on the computer.

each time, the tone is near identical. if i was to play one song DI, another miking my tramp, and another using a sans amp, and another miking a crappy amp, you could still tell its the same guitar, same player, just based off the tone.

and EQing doesnt do crap for tone btw, all it will do is emphasize certain parts of the tone. its good to clean up the mud, brighten the tone (to stand out), and thats about it.