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Go behind the scenes at Real World and meet the team who help make it one of the world’s premier recording facilities. Peter Gabriel's personal engineer Dickie Chappell also gives us an exclusive sneak peek into Peter’s writing room and recording process. More info:


audiokid Sun, 01/02/2022 - 22:13

I like working/ recording and mixing in the same space too! Maybe being a musician first, engineer second has something to do it.
I would love a studio like this. One big room for everyone to be included, is just too fun!

In my case, having quiet gear around mics to help reduce bleed works pretty good. 
With the demise of community gatherings, there are a lot of churches for sale. If I was a bit younger...  I would buy one and do something like this in a heartbeat! But of course on a much smaller scale. 

The design of this room sure sounds good. I love Peter Gabriel productions.

Such a beautiful studio. Excellent video.