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Can speaker stands really make a difference to the sound you hear?

I just got off the phone with Ron from [=" Pacific Island Audio[/]="http://www.pacifici… Pacific Island Audio[/] here is Canada. While chatting about Eventide, DPA and Audient gear he told me about these new speaker stands. Well after 5 min. I am really interested in learning more about them now!

I'm told that everyone who hears what these do, via positioning and the [[url=http://="http://en.wikipedia…"]decoupling [/]="http://en.wikipedia…"]decoupling [/]aspects are completely blown away. The design alone is what I just love, if they actually improve the sound too, bonus.

Acoustic decoupling: certain parts of a machine can be built to keep the frame, chassis, or external shafts from receiving unwanted vibrations from a moving part. Example: Volkswagen has registered a patent for an "acoustically decoupled underbody for a motor vehicle.". Another example: Western Digital has registered a patent for an "acoustic vibration decoupler for a disk drive pivot bearing assembly.

Example: He was doing a demo at a recording school, slotted to take a max of 30 min to demo them, which turned into 3+ hours of going from one engineer until they had the entire class.
First it started out as one instructor listening to these, then he grabbed and few more guys walking by "hey, listen to these!" until they had the entire class checking them out.
Everyone was amazed on how the bass and mid freq clarity was improved. And not just a bit either. They all said it was really apparent and this ended up in a fight over who was going to buy the demo pair!
I believe they used Focal's side by side so there was no mistake. No snake oil. Not cheap though, somewhere around $700 a pair. But we all know, high-endand that last 2% comes at a price. But that last 2% is what separates the deciding factors every time.

I'm going to try and get a pair here. elevation pro™ [=""] EVP-M1[/]="http://www.ardanaud…"] EVP-M1[/]
SOS review : [[url=http://="http://www.soundons…"]Ardán Audio EVP M1[/]="http://www.soundons…"]Ardán Audio EVP M1[/]

Beautifully engineered under Italian workmanship: Check these out!
http://www.ardanaud… How can speaker stands improve your sound?[/]="http://www.ardanaud… How can speaker stands improve your sound?[/]


For those customers who require a tall stand to raise the speakers up behind a console or desk, the good news is that Ardán Audio are busy working on a variety of other, related products, including some height-adjustable floor ‘pylons’ designed to accept the EVP M1 stand on the top. They hope to have these available sometime in early 2013. Now that would make for a hugely attractive and immensely versatile system, and I can’t wait to try it out.

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