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Could anyone please give me some advice about telecaster pickups for rock ?
What I am trying to achieve is a Malmsteen sound, hard overdrive with single coil sound, but instead of sounding like a Stratocaster, you should be able to hear it beeing a telecaster. You know the bite from the bridge and the smoothness from the neck.

I also prefer the single coil sound over the humbucker sound.

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paulears Thu, 10/22/2020 - 01:08

The trouble is you're using musician terminology - bite and smoothness. I have no idea what a Malmsteen sound is, but I do have a Tele. It does sound different from my Strat. So I think I know what you mean, but recording wise, tone, or perceived tone is difficult for a different person to understand. This isn't a real recording question to be fair, but if you can produce that sound in the room, then we can record it. So - is your problem recording the sound coming from the speaker, or you can't get that sound through the speaker?