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I have been looking for a decent set of overheads. I almost narrowed my search down to getting some AT4033's off of eBay for just over $400. But I kept looking back at AT's site seeing the AT3035. They seem to look better (on paper at least) than the AT4033 and you can pick them up for about 100 clams less.

If anyone could give me some insite on these, I would appreciate it.


anonymous Mon, 03/25/2002 - 04:41

Believe me. I would have no problems doing so but I live about 90 miles away from a decent music shop and I'm pretty busy with school. I have gone to this store and I did AB a 4033, 4050, and some Rodes. I was quite impressed with the 4033. The shop just didn't have the 3035's. Thanks for the opinion though. I'm not trying to skipm out on quality mics for a hundred or so bucks. I'll shortly get a 4050 or more likely a Royer after my primary overheads purchase.

GZsound Mon, 03/25/2002 - 05:31

I have done several live recordings of acoustic groups using both the AT 4033 and a Rode NT1 and NT2. The difference in the mics is dramatic in the mixdown and mastering phase. I don't know about using them for drum overheads, but the 4033 requires a lot more eq to make it sound natural than either of the Rode mics. The 4033 is not a true large diaphragm mic and sounds thin compared to the Rodes. I have to hype the eq on the 4033 whereas I can record the Rode mics flat.

A couple of large bluegrass sound companies out here have stopped using the 4033 completly and gone with Rode for the same reason.