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I am a Professional musician and have an interest in music. I have used some of the music but now it is old dated. I want new editing tools which will make my editing easy. Can anyone suggest me editing tools?


miyaru Tue, 07/09/2019 - 08:53

There is so many types of software out there. Therefore it is hard to say what you need, and can afford. Like said, what kind of pc/mac do you have, what OS (MacOS, Windows or Linux)? What would you like to spend, what do you got allready? Have you got a decent monitor system, or quality headphones?

A small list what you need to edit/produce/mix/master music:

A PC or Mac (preferable a young fast one)
Software, from free to you name it......
Audio interface
Monitor system

And when you have all of this, you need the dedication to learn – meaning, it won't work by it self. You will have put in time and efford to master your skills in recording, editing and running your rig.

Don't want to discourage you, but most of us spend years learning on this subject.

It does not only takes a lot of money, but mostly the will to do so.........

paulears Tue, 07/09/2019 - 14:54

I have two collaborators I work with frequently. Both are pianists. Both are 55+. One is now a cubase user, and really into orchestral arranging, which he does every day - he's an avid creator and editor using his computer. He is NOT a computer addict, it's simply a tool. The other has one of my old Cubase versions and the licence key. he has a room full of recording equipment, but is almost computer phobic. He cannot do musical things on it. he comes to my studio and tries to record like he did years ago on tape - so he struggles. given a choice with live audio, he plays CDs or Minidiscs. The computer, with editing software is just too alien for him. the other one for live work is now playing his sheet music collection from an iPad - he's digitised the lot! he swipes to change pages, and uses foot pedals to trigger things and reprogram his keyboards.

Where do you come from using these extremes? I don't quite understand this sentence.

I have used some of the music but now it is old dated


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