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Hello everybody,
Let's say I have 2 mics (2 dynamic mics so no phantom power required), they're XLR mics so they take up a XLR slot on my interface (Behringer UMC22). I only have 1 XLR slot and 1 instrument slot (for guitar, bass etc) so only one can be plugged in. I found a converter online that converts XLR cables to instrument cable, can I use this to plug one of those mics into the instrument cable port? Or is it not going to work? They don't require phantom power.


bouldersound Mon, 01/11/2021 - 16:10

It depends somewhat on whether the line input is balanced or not. If not, a transformer based converter might be okay. If the input is balanced, a passive XLR to TRS cable might work out better. In either case, a line input will likely have less gain than the mic preamp, so unless the source you're recording is loud like a guitar amp, your record level might be quite low. The best solution is a single channel mic preamp.

[Edit] Looking closer I see that the 1/4" input is instrument level. That might be a bit closer to getting the level you need, but I bet it will still be low for many applications.