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Yellow Jackets® converters are a type of specialized adapter which permit the use of EL84/6BQ5 power tubes in place of 6V6, 6L6, EL34, and 7591 type vacuum tubes.

Yellow Jackets® converters allow you to harness the musicality of EL84 vacuum tubes in amps that don't use them already - it's like getting a whole new amplifier!

Yellow Jackets converters give you simple Class-A operation from any amp.

Anyone know more on this?
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Davedog Mon, 12/06/2010 - 23:15

One of my guitarists tried them in his Fender Hot Rod Deluxe to get more of the English sound. They worked well....did get a bit hotter....I thought it made everything a bit too glassy. They are a quality product so if its what you want for your amp the build and design shouldnt be an issue.

He eventually sold that amp and got a Bogner Metropolis which I couldnt recommend more. This is the real stuff.

Davedog Mon, 12/06/2010 - 23:22

Yeah....kinda...It wasnt right for that amp IMHO...Kinda choked the Fender right out of it. It sounded like the speakers were working hard to get out the tone. I still think it was the amp and not the converters.

That Bogner.....thats my second favorite amp in this class. First being a Conrad.....VHT Pittbull45 is third.

AD. You also couldnt use the channel switching with them.....I never found out why.

Jeemy Tue, 12/07/2010 - 08:18

Rivera isn't - I love the amps and dearly want them to be the top dollar but they unfortunately hit about 85% for me, with hard work and extortionate expense in tubes to take them to 95%.

I haven't tried the Conrad, but I have just had a Retro-King RK45 built for me - I don't know if you remember I was planning on getting a Marshall Plexi rackmounted to go with my Twin rackmount, but I ended up getting this after speaking to every custom builder out there and it does both jobs.

Its basically a replica of the Plexi Hendrix used with the capacitor mods, but runs at 45 watts with 6L6 tubes instead. I've had one channel wired to sound Twin-ish and the other is a very Plexi distortion - the cap mod is switchable, the two channels are discrete and I have some other goodies like a post-PI master volume, switchable true-bypass effects loop and negative feedback variax built in.

Reason I mention it Chris is that all my guitar rig stuff is covered in the same vintage cream tolex and this was mis-covered in white, so I had a second cabinet made. So I actually have a spare white cabinet for an RK45 which means if you did decide to try/buy you might be able to get just the chassis made and have my cab.

I'll post some pics and sound clips once I get my photographer through the studio.

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