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I have a large amount of Mac .SD2 files (Sound Designer II) that i want to convert to .WAV or .AIF.
I am looking for a fast, effective Mac application for this.

The reason I want to convert the files is that I want to playback the files on a PC, but I can't get the .sd2 files to playback correctly. My PC won't recognize the files as anything.

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anonymous Mon, 01/26/2004 - 13:13

on a mac(because your mac will read the files as is now), I would start a new session, making sure to use Wavs as the format, then import your SD2 files. Then what is in your "audio files" folder should be the same audio, but now in a wav format. All you have to do is burn them on a disk and pop it in your PC.

hope this helps,


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