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So this mixer kicks ass because it's analog, has a ton of headroom, and is warm as a candle. My question is, I've been mixing at unity (master knob at 0) and using the FET transistors for my guitar/bass and vocals (I use an XLR to TS to plug my mic into a compressor pedal and delay pedal and use the FET to overdrive the vocals, it sounds badass)

I'm about to buy that "Through The Glass" book but figured I'd post here. My mixes are really hot as a consequence, lots of hiss, which I don't mind because the dynamics are outstanding. But my question is, is there another way to do it without master at unity?
Stupid question probably, but worth a shot.

How do you like to mix? given this set up


audiokid Sun, 03/30/2014 - 11:25

I use the Neos, which has faders, which I rarely move. I come from the analog era and always thought faders where a missing part to hybrid summing. So, I sold my summing boxes and upgraded to a high v rail console and now have faders!

When I used Pro Tools back in the day, anytime I moved faders I heard things change that I didn't like. So, like many up us who have "been there done that", we share an opinion about moving past unity gain (a whole other topic).

To sum it up, I don't know about other DAWS, because I know they are not all equal coded, i choose Sequoia as my DAW of choice because it appears to be a non issue when I move them. So, I use my DAW to its fullest with one exception, I use a little plug-ins as possible. Plug-ins are the greater problem today.

The benefits I get from analog are little to do with faders on the summing system, its what happens after the console between the analog chain and back to the capture DAW that make the difference to me. .