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Hey guys. How are you ? :)

I sing in my free time and recently I started to record my singing via Audacity over a beat.

I like it.

But I was not satisfied with the inbuilt Zoom H4N mics, meaning that they were to directional. I had to keep my head stiff so that the sound goes directly into the microphone. And also they were peeking quite bad, but that might be because of my positioning or the fact that I had no pop shield.

So I started to look for an upgrade.

A talked to a person who is on this forum and he recommended me to get Shure SM58 which I could plug into my Zoom H4N and Zoom H4N into PC (to record in Audacity/Cubase etc) and that it would produce very good quality . I am very thankful to this person for his advice and effort to help me. But I'd like to hear what others think about it to, since it's a big purchase for me.

Few things I am worried about regarding SM58:

1. I have seen people comments saying that they had to hold the mic very close to the mouth, almost lips touching, to get a decent volume/sound out of it. I would be very unhappy if this would be my case if I bought it, because the walls in my apartment are very thin and I cant afford to scream like that. Would it be my case? How can I be sure it's not?

2. The sound seems a bit like it's closed in. As if a person would be talking in a tube or something. Where the Blue Yeti Pro (mentioned below) has a very open sound to it, but it picks a lot more background noise tho.

I was also looking at the "Blue Yeti Pro" direction, since it sounds quite GOOD from the videos I saw on YouTube, and it has XLR (analog) output which makes it a good mic I can upgrade my gear on in future. Buy preamps/mixers etc. ( I'm new to these things)

I like to do rap/pop/R&B. (But I am not limited to a Genre) Mostly this kind of songs and all I realy have from the equipement is a PC, Zoom H4N and that's it.

Which would be a better choice for me Zoom H4N + Shure SM58 or Blue Yeti Pro? Or maybe there is something better for me?

Thank you