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I currently have BFD 1 and I am considering upgrading. They are pretty pricey though and I am wondering if its worth it. From the demos it sounds amazing. Any have any experience with ocean way drums?



dterry Sun, 09/21/2008 - 08:22

Yes - OWD is an excellent library. I wrote a review of it for (search for Ocean Way Drums).

I have DFS Superior and use OWD more now. The biggest difference is that OWD drums are pretty much ready for a final mix as is, where DFS (don't know about BFD 1) requires a bit of mixing to place them in the mix. OWD can also be tweaked a little if you want. They do sit quite well in most any mix I've used them on.

The flexible mic positions/mixing can significantly alter any of the kits to suit your preferences.


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