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Audix make excellent affordable mics. To help the newbies, here are a good group of videos on Micing up drums >

Audix has recently completed a video series on "How to Mic Your Drums." The video, which features engineer Dean K. with KINK.FM radio in Portland along with drum clinician Mike Snyder, is a step by step analysis of how to mic up your kit starting with kick, then snare, overheads, toms, high hat. The individual chapters are then combined into a "full kit" segment to show how the whole equals the sum of its parts.
Based on the microphones that make up the various Audix DP Series microphone packs, each chapter contains useful tips and examples on which mics to use and where they should be placed.
All 7 chapters are available below. We placed the video on Vimeo because they enable higher resolution audio and video. For this reason, please be patient as the video loads.

Audix Videos - How to Mic Up Your Kit

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