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I have been using an old Boss Dr. Rhythm and an old Proteus/1 which give me very limited sounds that are dated. any advice for upgrading to get a modern drum sound, got a Mac running Digital Performer 4.6 many thanks.

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Cresta Mon, 09/18/2006 - 06:11

actually, the most realistic one is from Roland, but even a TD3 is expensive.
You may prefer to buy a Yamaha DTXpress, create some good patch from your own, then buy a plugin to "correct" the weak points of your tone generator: for example, some kick and some tom sound of Yamaha is VERY good, but cymbals are the worst noise you will ever hear in your life (or something like that :lol: ), so you may replace Yamaha cymbals with DKFH one's.

anonymous Fri, 10/13/2006 - 10:14

Look at the various plugins available now (BFD, DFH, etc...). They are absolutely the BEST for acoustic drums sounds.

HOwever, the sounds are the lesser of the problem: it's THE WAY the drums are played/programmed that makes the REAL difference. You can have a lousy soundset played in real time by a real drummer and get a good sounding track. You get the best samples programmed by someone who has no clue and you get junk.