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I need an advice for recording a percussion set ( a pair of congas, shakers, rain stick and bongos) in live situations outside.
The percussion set is the main rhythm section in a small acoustic set.
Any recommendations for mic combinations?

Greetings from Germany



bouldersound Wed, 07/18/2018 - 09:51

It depends a lot on the physical arrangement of the various instruments. Usually I'll use one or two dynamic mics (SM57, MD421) over the congas, quite close and aimed down at the heads. Same with the bongos. For the handheld instruments I would have a condenser aimed horizontally where convenient for the player. If wind is and issue use foam wind protection on the mics and perhaps switch the condenser for a dynamic. If the mics need to be in monitors the condenser might be more prone to feedback, especially with quiet sources, so consider a dynamic instead. For added tone you might put another mic below the congas.