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Hello again,
We have been working on a loop library for music producers most of this year and are now happy to announce that it is complete and available for sale on-line! What we have done is sampled endless amounts audio using modular synthesis techniques. We then used these "robotic" sounding audio samples to create loops at tempos from 80-140bpm. The samples are beat mapped and quantized so when dropped into your track, you get an instant electronic groove underscore.
We should emphasize that this library really is a "one trick pony", it adds electronic sounds to your music making it interesting. These loops won't write your music for you, they are to be used like salt on a bland meal! More info below:

The Robotic Percussion Loop Library Has Arrived!

This library does just one thing very well, it makes your music more interesting!

Here's what it is: Imagine taking hundreds of beat mapped, quantized and tempo sync'd electronic sounds, and being able to manipulate and drop them into any track just the way you like. Introducing Robotic Percussion! How do we define "Robotic" sounds? Although there cannot be one simple answer to this question, at Distinct Broadcasting, robotic sounds are created using modular synthesis techniques, both old and new, experimentation and by breaking a lot of classic audio engineering rules. How do we define "Percussion"?Our sounds are edited using advanced groove and quantization technology which moulds our robotic sounds into a variety of tempo and time signatures. Our sounds are rhythmic in nature and many of them do not necessarily have definite pitches, similar to qualities of a snare drum or cymbals for example. The Robotic Percussion library loops come in the following tempos: 80, 90, 100, 110, 120, 130, 140 bpm. Adjusting a 120 or 130 bpm loop to groove along with a 125 bpm track is as simple as importing it into your session and adjusting it's length to match your tempo grid values.
Here's what you get: The library comes with 702 individual loops amounting to over 900MB of "groovalicious" data! Find files by tempo first, then drop them into your session as desired.Remember, what the Robotic Percussion library adds is subtle, It won't write your track for you but adds elements that make your track more interesting. Upon purchasing the library, you will be emailed a link to download your purchase.