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PreSonus Offers Convology Vintage Reverbs Library for Studio One

audiokid submitted a new resource:

PreSonus Offers Convology Vintage Reverbs Library for Studio One

Convology Vintage Reverb bundle for Studio One.

Baton Rouge, Louisiana—July 2016… PreSonus® has released the Convology Vintage Reverbs Add-ons library for Studio One® 3, the latest in a series of Add-on products that enhance PreSonus’ popular DAW.

Channel Robot release Solid Snare : Drumagog Library

Channel Robot announce the immediate availability of Solid Snare:Drumagog, their first Solid release for Drumagog owners. Solid Snare features a meticulously recorded set of samples from 116 different snare drum instruments, recorded in 24-bit wav files, at 8 different velocity layers, and including 5 variations for each velocity layer(round-robin). A total of 40 wav files for each instrument.

Drum Library Etc..

Could someone recommend me a sample library.. specifically drums and percussion. Mostly I will be doing replacement or enhancement of live kits. I have the Massey DRT trigger and run PT9.0.5 on an Intel Mac. Plenty of horsepower. I do not like the Structure freeware that came with PT and I dont want to buy their upgrade at this time. I want something that allows for more than one instance per session. The free Structure does not. You can make a number of voices with it but only once per session so mixing and manipulating this is impossible. Does that make sense?

Robotic Percussion Loop Library by Distinct Broadcasting

Hello again,
We have been working on a loop library for music producers most of this year and are now happy to announce that it is complete and available for sale on-line! What we have done is sampled endless amounts audio using modular synthesis techniques. We then used these "robotic" sounding audio samples to create loops at tempos from 80-140bpm. The samples are beat mapped and quantized so when dropped into your track, you get an instant electronic groove underscore.

Library of Congress Jukebox...

I thought the folks here might get a kick out of the slideshow at the Library of Congress website which shows how archival recordings were digitized for the National Jukebox...…"]Making the National Jukebox | National Jukebox[/]="…"]Making the National Jukebox | National Jukebox[/]

PS. I'm really digging that turntable. Solid.