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hi everyone!

i am thinking to sell some of my outboard efxs (tc fireworks and Lexicon pcm 80-interested anyone?) and go for a tc electronics m6000 which i would use for mastering and mixing purposes. has anybody used m6000 with md3 an massenburg eq packages on a stereo m6000.
what do you think about m6000 as a mastering/mixing tool?

tnx in advance

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Thomas W. Bethel Thu, 01/15/2004 - 03:30

An M6000 is an awesome piece of equipment. I recently attended a seminar where is was demonstrated and I was very impressed UNTIL I heard the price which was way over $15,000 USD fully loaded which for me is out of reach at the present time. There are lots of reviews of this on line and most are very positive. The basic unit is under $10,000 USD but you can't do very much with it. The one add on feature that I really liked was the "unfolding" effect where you can take a 2 track stereo recording and "unfold" into 5.1 surround and have it sound believable.

Hope this helps.

anonymous Thu, 01/15/2004 - 10:12

tnx, i have a question for you joe. is the dsp power on a stereo m6000 capable of runing md3 and massenburg package at the same time. i would also like to know if there is an option for external insert (like on finalizerI) with optional ada24/96 card, so i can insert analog outboard. i would like to use it for stereo mastering/mixing and i can not afford to buy the surround version.

tnx in advance,

anonymous Sun, 01/18/2004 - 07:24


I own a M6000 + MD3 + ADA96.

Even if it's nice, I'll suggest you to master analog. My opinion.

For the same price, you can buy some fine gear + a HEDD for conversion.
I've done the plunge because of the reverbs.
But now that altiverb exist...

I don't like the MD3 so much. I use it sometimes though (quite never for compression).
The EQ section is a bit better running @96K than 44.1 but nothing to write home.

That said, this gear is indeed very flexible.
The routing is great.
There is 4 engines so you can use 4 MD3 (wich is similar to the finalizer 96K) at once. Or a MD3 followed by a MDW EQ + a TC brickwall limiter...
I think that the MDW (wich sounded good when I demoed it) take 2 Engine @96K.

The ability to recall is faboulous but I end up with better results, and quicker with analog gear.

I use my TC6000 in addition to my analog stuff for fine tweaking (i.e. notch, MS...)

The converter are nice and have multiple filters for different sound. Great clock.

I don't plan to sell it at all, but if I had to redo tomorow, I'll choose a better bang for the buck way.


anonymous Sun, 01/18/2004 - 09:41

tnx a lot salvator!! thats the reply i needed. m 6000 interests me in a way of central ad/da converter, main efx processor, digital mastering tool and routing i already own some quality analog comp/eq and tc finalizer and that i did some mastering before, i am looking into additional tool and m6000 seems to be the right choice for me .


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