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what's better or more beneficial. or if you wanna answer negatively. what's worse...

1. a great mic with just an ok mic preamp/channel strip?
2. a great mic preamp/channel strip with just an ok mic?

i'm sure some will say that it's relative and depends on which pieces of equipment you're working with, but i'm just looking for a general/"in most cases" answer.


Davedog Wed, 06/29/2005 - 17:51

BEFORE I ever consider what mic and pre to use I make damn sure the source is usable. The room will matter much more than the gear. The song and song arrangement will matter much more than the room. With these items brought up to high quality, then the choice of finely crafted gear: mic first and its correct placement, then a preamp selected for its particular attributes...will make smiles all around at an session.

A GREAT song can be captured with a cassette recorder and a mic and will STILL be a great song. A poorly written song can be captured on the finest gear and will sound just like a greatsounding piece of crap.

Midlandmorgan Thu, 06/30/2005 - 04:48

MistaG wrote: A good pre and sub par mics provide a wider range of options than the opposite.

As proven by anyone who has tried the good mic/mediocre pre can attest to...

An SM57 though an OSA, API, any Neve clone will sound spectacular ... A U47 through a Ber*** will a Ber****...

This is NOT to say low or mid level pres don't have their place in anyone's studio....but it is to say that when tracking a lot of sources at once, save the best pres you have for critical tracks (lead vox, etc...)