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For some time now I've been looking at the MG 940 condenser mic and was wondering if it was worth making an investment. I know the companys history is tied to Mr. Neumann (Neumann microphones), so I figured the quality of their products would be somewhat top-notch. :)

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sheet Wed, 08/06/2003 - 18:38

They are built well. The model that you are intersted in doesn't come apart easily. I think that the whole thing is designed so that if you need it serviced, it has to go back to GPrime or the factory.

They don't have a model that says "Neumann" sonically. The only thing Neumann is that capsule design. MT has made an effort to make modern mics that stand on their own.

Another forgotten goodie is the Beyer MC740. It is a bit darker, but it is good.

The deal with Mr. Beyer is he and George Neumann had a gentleman's agreement, that both companies honored until Mr. Neumann's death. Beyer would make dynamics, and Neumann would make condensers. There would be no direct competition. So, Beyer came out with some good mics, but they were still pricey.

Phil Collins used the Beyer MC740 almost exclusively on the Genesis stuff.

wwittman Thu, 08/07/2003 - 22:12

Yje gefells are great mics.
I love the UM-70s to death.. they are sort of 87 meets 47fet at a third the price of a new 87.
they've become my mic of choice for guitar amps, toms, pianos, organs, and anything else when in doubt.
You can listen to virtualy ALL the guitars and keys on Joan Osborne's Relish record for a 'demo'.
and her vocal was a Gefell UM-92.

these days i am using the UM-900 phantom powered tube as my favourite vocal mic.

I am not AS keen on the model you mention, i must admit.

anonymous Fri, 08/08/2003 - 11:44

I got a pair of UM 70s.
They really sound like the Neumann fet.
Anyway the UM 70s sound really clean for the high freq. and sometimes I don't even use an EQ on them. It depence of the instrument ofcourse.
I've heard that Neumann and Geffel was the same company and they split.
Great Mics ....but I don't know who's gonna repair them if they got damaged. Ithink this company doesn't exist anymore

anonymous Mon, 08/11/2003 - 21:08

Pontuso, are you saying it is untrue that the Neumann facilities that ended up on the East German side became Gefell? I used your link, but the "history" link on the Gefell web site wasn't working for me.

WW, I have long been curious about the 900 phantom tube. it predates the AKG solidtube by a number of years, but I assumed it was the same sort of underpowered design. How would you say they differ? I will admit, I think it is one of the coolest looking mics i've ever seen!

anonymous Tue, 08/12/2003 - 02:16

when i first tried the um900 ,i was like hmmmm..this doesn't sound like a tube mind was so used with tube audio= big bass,flabby etc.

next time i tried it,i was amazed.this mic had transparency,depth,high end sparkle,and bigness i hadn't heard on other mics.the mid range character on this mic excells the umt800,even though it uses the same m7 capsule.

just as you have heavy colored tube mic pre's aka universal audio m610 ,you will also find clear,airy and "cleaner" tube mic pres like d.w fearn pendelum.

the um900 is a class of it's own.
i think j.mascis was going to buy one.last time we talked.

anonymous Tue, 08/12/2003 - 21:44

Originally posted by Davedog:
WW...ya just answered 'just one question' i was gonna ask....UM-92...huhhhh...
Would you say this particular mic would be good on other 'types' of vocals? Even though Joan seems to have a plethora of 'voices' at her disposal....Also, other instruments on the 92...?

The UM92 sounds ok with the stock tube, but it really shines with "old-new" telefunken or sylvania tubes.

The sound is completly different, which may explain RM's experience w/ the MG.

I used the UM92 in a rock project on a female singer and a/b'd the mic with different tubes.

The girl could easily tell the difference and insisted on using the vintage tube.

In her words:

"I don't give a !#$% what %#!$% tube is in the #@$^@! mic. Just make sure it's the !@#$^% last one cuz it's a @#$^%@ better sound."