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microtech gefell


Founded by Georg Neumann, Microtech Gefell was originally known as Georg Neumann & Company Gefell.

Neumann/Gefell GNM14 mic

Hi all,

My first post here at Nice to meet you!

I was given a broken vintage Neumann mic a while back and fixed it recently. It is an M14: a gooseneck mic complete with PS and impedance converter. The sound is heaven, and it's very quiet. I'm hoping anyone out there has some experience with this rare bird. I'll post some pics.

Thanks for reading.

Organ Sample - Gefells

A lot of people have been asking for me (off-list) to post some clips of either the Gefell M296 mics or the recent organ recording which I had mentioned a couple months ago (or in some cases both). it is.

This is a short clip of the live Bach organ festival that I recorded a short time back. This particular clip is of nothing but the two Gefell M296 microphones and no effects have been added to this recording.

Josephson C617 with Gefell MK221 Capsules samples..

There arent many samples of these floating around so I thought id contribute to the cause.
I consider those microphones to be the finest pair in my locker, far surpassing any omni I have ever used. . The capsules were designed to be used in measurement applications, and as such are ruler flat and very sensitive.
I just unloaded a couple schoeps omni pairs to fund the acquisition of more of these beauties. 8-)

(These were made by John Lagrou of Millennia) 45 cm spacing. 290cm above conductor's head, no processing. Millennia preamps.

Overhead piano mics

I am in the market for a different pair of overhead piano mic's, to use for FIELD RECORDING ie concerts etc.. I record acoustic piano jazz trio's on location. I am looking at Gefell, Josephsons or Beyer.

Would any of you have sound samples or recordings using these mic's on a grand piano?

My concern is bleed, the piano lid is always at full stick and I get a lot of drums in the piano mic.

I presently am using 414's 441's and C12VR. They are close to the sound I want but no cigar.

Gefell M296

I am thinking of taking the plunge and acquiring a pair of MG M296 omnis. I will use them A-B for choral recording in a church but also hope to experiment with the omni as the mid element in an MS array (MKH30 as figure of 8) for nature recording. Looking for that greater sense of spaciousness every one talks about with omnis as I think that this will suit me. I have also heard several musical samples recorded with these mics and was blown away by the detail and natural sound. Yes, I want them all right.

I'm desperate:( Mics placement in the church (Gefell 270M)

Dear forum fellows
I'm now a happy owner of a pair of the Microtech Gefells M270, but I'm desperately dissappoited in my recording skills while using them.

Well, it was my first production when I was recording with omnis, but still I have my ears, but they let me down.

I did a session with a small chamber music group in a small church, where they had before already very succesful recordings. Well, I can not say the same about mine.

Gefell 296S --What do you think about this recording...


I wonder what you experts on recordings and microphones like this recording.
In my ear the mic is little to far away
This recording is made in lulea Cathedral
If you listen careful you will here a HD step on it and disappear
in the unknown. 1:44 min :lol:

The doors were wide open because of the summer heat.

Link removed


Microtech Gefell 296S ---Test--- Piporgan recording


Here is one piece from the recording in finland with Markus Wargh.
But you must pay attention that it's a wooden church. So the
acoustics is preety bad.

Sorry for the low compression on the file...But i don't have sufficient space on the web for my files.

What do guy's think about this recording ?

Link removed

Gunnar...Next week I'm going to make another recording.
whit the gefell 296 S..In lulea cathedral.