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Is the AT4050 a Japanese copy of the Neumann?

They seem very similar in many ways. I'm curious about the coloration between the two. I own an AT4040.

The intent is putting a multi-pattern mic on my wish list.


Guest Mon, 12/08/2003 - 05:12

I'm pretty sure that all AT mics are made in Japan. At least the 4050 that I used to own, and the 4060 that I currently own are of Japanese origin.

Does the 4050 sound like a (I have an 87ai to compare against). I'd say that the 4050 is a little more mid heavy, and to me is kind of like a more versatile AKG414. It's a decent mic, but doesn't tend to flatter the source.



anonymous Mon, 12/08/2003 - 06:43

Thanks for the input. The Neumann is completely beyond my reach, but the AT4050 is attainable.

I am interested in the AT4050 for the multi-pattern ability.

However, there seems to be some discussion that large diameter condensors are not as desirable as SDC types. Then I realized the U87ai is also an LDC type.