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A-designs p-1 and AT4050

I'm thinking about upgrading my mic collection and with it my preamps. Right now I have an Audio-Technica AT 3035 and a PreSonus tube pre with 2 inputs. They have both gotten me plenty of decent recording but I'm now looking to upgrade. I've been doing a lot of research and I feel pretty dead set on getting the A-designs P-1 preamp and the AT4050 mic. I use Mbox 2 and Pro Tools.

AT4040 vrs AT 4050 vrs Studio Projects T3

Hey everyone, been researching this last night and today.

The AT 4050 seems cool but I already have a multipattern mic(AKG perception 400)... so my main question is, is the 4040 the same thing just without multiple pickup patterns?

Plus, what is the general opinion of the T3 vrs the AT mics?