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Another Rough Mix

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Hey Guys,

As promised, I have another rough mix for critique. I have a feeling that not everyone will like this one as much. Please know that I am not interested in whether or not you like this song. I didn't write this song, I am just mixing it, and I am looking for some extra sets of fine tuned ears to help pick out flaws in the mix. Let me know what you think of the mix!

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pcrecord Fri, 12/30/2016 - 05:17
Very good, I like it very much !
I find that the guitar notes are a bit far and the taping noise just sit nicely. It's kinda like the guitar is a percussion that way.. A bit of compression could push up the notes but there's the danger it will take to much space.
Give me more !! I like your productions Clark :love:

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10 years 5 months

ClarkJaman Mon, 01/02/2017 - 12:53
Thanks for the input guys.

I did a little more fine tuning the vocal track automation, and tried to widen up the reverb Chris. Let me know if you like it better. I do. All I did on the reverb was increase the size from 100 to 150. :/

Thanks for the idea on the acoustic guitar, pcrecord! I tried using a compressor but then decided on a de-esser instead so I'm only damping the high frequencies. I like it better now. See what you think! :)

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