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Are these still going about? I'm not looking hard, but I am looking for something to expand palette and I've had designs on a ViPre for some time.

I'd be looking to work with the variable input, my mics are in my sig but I'd be looking at the obvious ones, Royer, Neumann, Coles, CO - would this be a good purchase for me?


Davedog Wed, 03/24/2010 - 21:26

Its one of the best preamps ever. You have things already that are complimentary to what you'll be able to get out of this and YES, your nice mic collection will be a great benefit as the variable impedance on these units is not simply a knob with some random numbers fixed to it, but actually impedance selection. You will find that each mic you have will become at least three more usable sounding mics. I'm not saying all the settings will be a benefit but a lot of them will be. Especially the more sensitive mics like the 87. Although, I was completely blown away when I heard a 57 through one of these pres.

I would hazard a guess that after a couple of months with it, it will become your single vocal channel without even a thought to anything else.

planet10 Tue, 04/27/2010 - 08:27

a ViPre along with a Glory Comp and SHIT MAN you've got a signal chain of GOLD!!!!! a couple years back i was talking with the GrooveTubes guys at NAMM and they were talking about a 4 band tube EQ to coincide with the ViPre/Glory chain
wouldnt that be SOMETHING!!!!!!!, i wish they would get er done....
all your mics will feel like they are at the Spa when you put them thru that behemoth!!!! and when playing with the input imp, you'll really get to hear what your mics can really do!!

Jeemy Wed, 10/13/2010 - 07:06

Yeah they are out of production - superceded by the SuPre I believe, a stereo, cheaper-innards version. Mine is sitting in NY - my brother was going to bring it back for me when he came over for my wedding; but then he couldn't get it sorted, so I just need to get it shipped over. Probably should get around to that haha.


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